Friday, April 22, 2011

Money and health beats poor and not.

Came across this link from commenter Silver on Balloon-Juice.

It is a very good look at the health care system from an insider on why the free market is anything but and why it does not work at all for health care.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The New World Order

We have to not only block this asshole Ryan's plan to kill old people. And I don't mean over 100 yrs old. I mean 55 and older. Talk about your death panels. Talk about healthcare rationing. As always the things that conservatives yell about the loudest are exactly the things they want to do to everyone other than themselves. We have to defeat these assholes. And they are ASSHOLES.
I am ashamed that people like Ryan actually get elected in this country in the 21st century. What's more the largest group of people that voted for him are the ones to be the most affected.

I used to think we were better than this. I'm not so sure about that any more. Hell, I am sure. We aren't better, we suck as a people. We have one of the largest economies in the world. California by itself is in the top ten economies. And all we can afford to do is to kill people. We supposedly can't feed ourselves, house ourselves, provide health care but we sure as fuck can kill people. It's what we do. We are the 24/7 death and destruction country. That's what we do. We kill other people. Up to now. And because it costs so much to do it to others we are now going to save money and do it here. Conservatives are trying to have our government do what it does best right here at home. Not with bullets or bombs but with selfishness and greed.

Kevin Drum. Short and to the point.

You don't know how glad I am not to have kids that would have to live in this kind of a world.