Monday, February 25, 2013

Chis Hayes has up a nice reply to his invitation to CPAC. I fin the last graph to be the most relevant:

 In the last few months there has been an absolute avalanche of articles and blog posts and essays and magazine cover stories and TV segments about How to Save the Republican Party, but is the Republican party worth saving?

I think it best to answer his question with a very simple reply:


Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Days

Like the man said, we mostly live lives of quiet desperation.  We'd like some of our days not to be so quiet or desperate but that's just the way it is. Most of us have lives that really don't count or improve the world. That's OK, but it would be nice if we balanced out some of the assholes who strive and succeed  to make it worse. But we don't do that either.  Some of us are not assholes nor space, these are the people who do good, whose gains are what sustain us all. There are little goodies and big goodies. Little goodies are those things we do that sometimes we don't even know we are doing but they are positive for someone. Big goodies are those things we strive for, like Medicare or unemployment or the WPA or Social Security or whatever that help people beyond our wildest dreams. Big goodies may be one person's idea but they take many people to see the vision and move it forward, step by step. Big goodies are seldom complete or finished, they require tweaks and hammering out direction and improvements along the way. But as they work they help people to survive and to grow, to maybe find some little or even big thing that will make life a little better or easier. Better homes, better food, better medicine and health, or just more people having some of these.
All of this takes effort and many times sacrifice. But sacrifice is not the goal, sacrifice is not better, it is just sacrifice. We are what we eat, we are who we act like, we are who we hate, we are who we fuck over, we are what we are. If we can be better, why are so many of us, assholes? What's the up side for assholes? And how can we make the downside of being an asshole a lot more costly?