Friday, July 1, 2011


EBM posts another great one.
Cops. For most of us that should be a word that does not make one flinch, raise one's blood pressure, cause alarm, or most importantly piss you off. How many can say that word, cops, any more and not have one or more of those reactions? Not many people I know or see posting on websites. Not even some that work around cops. They don't trust cops. And we are not talking about criminals. We are talking about everyday people. When you see a cop car do you feel safer? I don't anymore. I feel a gut level fear. Because I don't know what they will do at any moment or situation. I know cops who have used deadly force. Said he didn't want to but the person knocked him down and attacked him with a chefs knife. From the sound of it he had no choice. But what about the person in EBM's post? A 17yr old on his bike? Who is handicapped and the officer knew it? Because the boy did not pay the officer enough respect? That's just bullshit, no other way to say it.
I have been around long enough and have paid enough attention to know that cops have been this way for a long time. Maybe since the beginning of time. It's time for this country to grow up. It's time for the cops to grow up. The government is in a declared war with  it's citizens. It's called the war on drugs. It is also bullshit. It has not worked, it is not working and will never work. And it has created a situation where the cops think they are all on the correct side and we the citizens are on the wrong side. We are all guilty and it's only a matter of them catching us. At something. It is no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people, it is a war. And we are combatants, like it or not.