Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life in America

We rant about history repeating itself but what if it actually doesn’t? Do you think the Kochsuckers don’t have a pretty good idea about how much oil is in the ground or how many trees it takes to make toilet paper? These are not stupid people, although they are evil. If they know approx how soon we run out of oil and they know the rest of the rich know what is keeping them from working with the rest of the rich to control resources? Getting as much as they can now, knowing that when the brown hits the whirlies they will have control and you and I will have nothing. That is different than history. We are at some point going to run out of the stuff that makes our lifestyle possible if we don’t get better at not using it up. These guys know this as well as you and me. Probably better because they own/control a lot of what is left. And they know very well how fast we are using it.

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