Monday, November 7, 2011

Time is not on our side

I think it is vitally important to understand the depth and width of the problems that we face as a culture. We have come pretty far down the road of if not outright lawlessness, outright rigging of the laws by the very small, very rich minority to screw the vast majority. It may or may not have been intentional but that is irrelevant. It may have been a big plan or just coincidence for the most part and that doesn't matter. We are at a crossroads right now, not only as a nation but as a member of the world. The world has gotten smaller and much more interconnected. The ripple effect no longer stops at a nations borders.

We have to grow up and become a nation of the world, not a nation that thinks it is the world. We outsource jobs to create crap, at a price that we can afford, because we refuse to raise wages to keep people working at a reasonable rate, so the rich can get richer. At some point the poor have nothing left to lose except their miserable lives. When the poor start paying that price what do the rich think the collateral damage be?

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