Monday, August 27, 2012

One person, One vote

Got to thinking about Citizens United and my vote. Actually Citizens United and each of our votes.
And it brought up this thought.
How is my vote that important when Sheldon Adelson can not only buy votes but can be open about it. He doesn't care if we know he is spending huge sums of money to influence an election, he's proud of it.
Does my vote even count anymore? Unfortunately, by itself it doesn't.
One individual vote has rarely changed an election. But that of course is why we vote in open elections. So that we can count as a group. The right wing crazies have been very active in voting, and that can't be changed. What we can change is getting out the vote and educating people that their vote does matter, but it takes lots of votes. It should be easy to vote in a democratic society. Or even the republic that we live in. People should want to vote. But we make it hard, Tuesday voting, registration many days out, hard to vote by mail, republicans are trying to make it harder with their voter ID bullshit. This is not what I signed up for in 1969 when I joined the military. I didn't join to make it harder to be a citizen, I joined up to help make it better. Ah the disillusion of youth. My little bit of sacrifice made no difference. The much larger sacrifice of many others made no difference. Except to the lucre stuffing the pockets of the rich. 

So it's time, well it's past time to make sure that everyone votes. Hopefully they will vote for everyone, not just the rich cocksuckers, but everyone should vote. It is one of the few things we the people have left, it is the only way we can change back to not living in a third world country completely controlled by rich cocksuckers whose only concern is them getting richer and you getting poorer.


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Phil said...

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