Monday, May 13, 2013

Bad People?

Charles P. Pearce keeps hitting home runs. Today is no different.

Of course there are bad people. There are good people, bad people, poor people(who keep getting poorer), rich people(who keep getting richer) people with mistaken ideals, people with guns(that shouldn't have them), in other words just people. Of course there are bad people, there always are. Are the bad people overwhelming everyone else? Possibly. But we have had a gun culture and a culture of force for a long time in this country, actually before we were a country. One of the most bloody wars was our civil war, in many cases fought brother against brother and which was about the oppression of an entire race.

The question is not are we bad people, at least overall, but how do we change from being the people we have become, or always were. 

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