Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Liberty and Health Care

I'd like to be a great writer. Well actually I'd like to be great at quite a few things. But as I'm just a blogger I get to link to great thinkers and writers. Not the same but there you are.

Read Digby today, hell read Digby everyday. It probably won't make you a better writer (it is possible!) but it will always be worth your time.
This one's a keeper:
What's So Good About It?

Some days I just have to wonder what is with our world? You know the one here in the states, the one where our education and political systems brings us a VP candidate who can't even speak in clear, understandable language. Where people rant against their fellow citizens having health care. Where slavery is not dead, it's just moved from the plantation to your boss's office. Your boss gets to keep you captive because otherwise you may not be able to keep living.

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