Saturday, August 8, 2009

More about fascism

Sara Robinson's post on fascism at FDL, has raised quite a stink.

Some of us think that it may be one of the most important posts ever. Some disagree.
But as
I look around I see people who seem to be too stupid to find out any actual facts and to see that their only source of facts info is the Glen Bullshitters of the airwaves. As Sara's post is about the sinking of democracies by their crazy, seemingly disenfranchised citizens and we are right on schedule to be at the point of no return I think that should be depressing.
The only way to get past this and keep the country that we know is to recognize this, and now, so that we can act on it.

The only problem with the right wing talking about fascism is that they don't realize they are talking about themselves.

More H/T EB Misfit

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