Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Voice, Different Vantage

My last post may be reflective of my mood which has been going downhill for a while, getting darker and darker.
If I actually look around I see that we have actually made a fair amount of progress in the last 2 years, but we have a long way to go and I am running out of time, not that quickly but it is going at a notable pace. I'd like to see some repudiation of the last 30 60 years of the political warfare that makes up this country. And looking back I do see some, but it has been a war and I am tired of warfare. There has been declared warfare, The War on Poverty(which we are losing/lost), The War on Drugs(also losing), and undeclared warfare, civil liberties, presidential power, media war on truth(being won with bullshit, so losing), financial controls, more commonly known as money rape(all but the most wealthy are losing). I'm sure I left out something but isn't that enough war?
And now I read a post from someone I've never read or heard of and maybe, just maybe this will allow me to believe that the end is a little lot farther away than I envisioned. That is the resilience of the oppressed, to stay in the fight and to, if not win, at least continue to make progress. After all that's why we are called progressives, we want to continue to move forward, even at a snails pace. A rear view mirror never shows the whole picture, only what we can focus on. So if backing up to a better time is your thing, remember you are never going to see the whole picture going in reverse and that better time really was not so much.

You can't stop progress, you can beat on it, you can slow it down, but contrary to what looks like your views you can't stop it. Because time runs only one way.

H/T ABL at Balloon-Juice, Earthbound Misfit

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