Thursday, November 4, 2010

Woe, oh woe is me

I truly believe we are seeing the beginning of the end of our country. I suspect that we can get through the tough times ahead and that I am once again full of shit, but I wouldn't want to bet money on this country being anything like most of us hope it could be any time soon. We are seeing the government taking liberties with what's left of our liberties, we are seeing a country that is on the verge of bankruptcy of the ideals the made it a good place to immigrate to, legal or not. Those ideals that everyone has an opportunity to have a decent life, that we will protect those that are not there yet or never get there. We are seeing unprecedented greed from people that if their fortunes were cut 90% they would still have so much more than most of us. We are seeing politics (always a dirty underhanded sport) used as if a game at which there are few real life consequences for the pure power of it. Many of our neighbors seem to be so ignorant they can not see or accept facts or reality. The country is becoming more and more divided along the have and have not lines, with a lot of the have nots believing that the need to protect the haves or what little comes their way will be gone.
I give it 50 years. I hope I'm wrong. I most likely won't be here to see the disaster if it goes the way and takes the time I think it will because I will have passed my worm food date by then.
But maybe someone will come along and be a powerful enough force to make this work as a actual democracy.

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