Saturday, August 27, 2011

Digby gets it right once again.

The 2 most important graphs:

"Confidence? You'd be a fool to have confidence in the future. According to all of our most sagacious national commentators, the best case scenario is that our political leaders get past their minor differences on the scope of the cutting and come together to destroy the safety net. If they don't, well ... apparently it will be very, very bad.

Uncertainty? Average people don't have uncertainty. As far as they are concerned they're screwed no matter what happens. Our leadership demands that people buy into the silly notion that giving up their personal financial security is a patriotic duty and that high unemployment and underwater mortgages are niggling little problems that will be solved by putting more of their "skin in the game."
My questions are simple:

How long can we hold on?
How long are we expected to hold on? 
Or are we expected to just fold and go away silently?
What does our government think is going to happen?

Someone stated the other day that it took 12 years to get over the depression. So, we learned those lessons, how to fix the economy, so why do we have to spend another 12 years doing it again? Are we really that stupid?
And the answer seems to be yes, we are just that stupid.
All that highfaluting Ivy league education our betters have, shot to hell. What a fucking waste.

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