Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Waiting for rain

I''m waiting to see exactly what the debt ceiling bill actually does before I freak out. It sounds bad. Not as bad as it could be, so maybe better to say not so good. But what are/were the options?

Mostly it sounds like we kicked the can down the road and under the bus. That's sure not a horrible place to be when one has to play adult games with 4 yr olds. And not just any 4 yr old. These conservatards are stupid 4 yr olds. With an unreasonable attention span, a 1/4 track mind and pre-school run by morons.

So how do we win? We can't win, we can only survive till the children get sent to bed without supper. We let them make decisions and this is what we get for it.

So I'm waiting for rain, hoping that will cool things down a bit and that these children don't like to play in the rain.

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